How to Choose an A-Grade Property Management Agent in Brisbane

There is a lot involved when it comes to engaging a Newmarket real estate agency when you are planning to purchase property. With over 15,000 suburbs in the whole of Australia and many of these situated in Brisbane, it is not always easy to pick up the right home that will be suitable for your family. It is like searching for a pin in a hay stack. As a result, it is always important to look for an A-Grade real estate agency with a good knowledge as well as experience of the Brisbane market in order to get you the best property deals. Knowledge, experience and ethics are qualities that differentiate a top notch real estate agency from an average one.

But there are other important qualities that you must put into consideration when you are shopping for the best Newmarket real estate agency. These include the following:

·         The experience of the real estate agency

·         The market coverage of the agency

·         The results orientation

·         The networks and contacts of the agency

·         Its credentials

·         Its reputation

·         The cost

·         The research system of the agency

If these qualities check out in your real estate agency, you can look forward to a smooth transaction where you can get the best deals without being ripped off. Companies that have these qualities also tend to apply very ethical business practices that will leave you happy and satisfied.


Look at how long the real estate agency has been in the market. Experience is always a very important quality in an agency. It means they have a high degree of understanding of the real estate market and will therefore be able to get you the best deals in the marketplace.

Generally, a Wilston or Newmarket real estate agency that has been in the market for at least 10 years will generally have built solid knowledge and networks of the market to get you the best deals out there. The advantage with this is that they must likely have witnessed various property cycles or the ups and downs in the market and are able to offer you very accurate and professional advice on what and when to buy.

Good knowledge of the local Newmarket or Wilston real estate market

Look for an agent that knows their patch. They must not just be experienced but also have expert knowledge about this local market. They can subsequently leverage this knowledge in order to unlock the best property deals for you. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Do they offer value for money?

Some unethical real estate agencies will look at every customer lead looking for Wilston home for sale or Wilston property for rent as an opportunity to rip someone off and make a huge commission of their home sales. It is therefore important to consider what you will get for your money before you make any commitments to go with a real estate agency. It is also important to look for value for money in terms of how much time you will save, how much the agency will negotiate off the property’s listed price and whether it will be possible for you to get very good quality property in Newmarket or Wilston with longer term resale value.  The best way to determine this is by looking at the reviews or testimonials left by past buyers. Did they get good value and service?

Are they well connected?

The importance of connections cannot be understated, particularly when it comes to the luxury property market. The first-class real estate agent will have a large network of sellers and buyers and can therefore offer you very good deals that you are unlikely to find in the MLS listings.

What are the agency’s industry credentials?

It is important to ensure that the agency that you are dealing with holds the requisite qualifications and licensing to practice in Brisbane. Ensure that they are credible and belong to some of Brisbane professional bodies and associations for real estate and property management companies. This is always a further sign of credibility.